Horns High Media offers a variety of visual imaging services including, but not limited to:

web & social network graphics, event/ concert poster design, album artwork, promo images, photo touch up, photo artwork, logo design, business signage design, sports teams, t-shirts, tattoos, vehicle wraps, wall scapes, interior decor, and many other projects!

Video production partners Prosser Productions.  Never be afraid to ask if you don't see your project listed.


Horns High Media is owned and operated by Ryan Daniels.


*Actively involved in the arts since childhood through school, and at a professional level, Ryan strives to make his experience work for YOU.


Through childhood into his teens, Ryan favored the sketchbook. Through his education he added color, other meduims and styles including photography and vehicle painters.  Through college he gained knowledge and experience and refined his skills as an artists, and began shifting to digital composition on the early versions of Photoshop and Illustrator.  Needless to say, art has always been a part and passion of Ryan's life.


*Ryan has an extensive background in professional graphic design, digital artwork and photography. From concert posters, to bands and models, to car wraps... if it's listed here, Ryan has done and can do it. Plus the continuous learning that is professional experience in an ever changing, creative industry.


*Horns High Media is the combination of Ryan's two major passions (radio and arts) with the freedom to do things he believes are right for the customer, not just driven by reports and numbers.


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